Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reflection of Roots

She had waited for this moment all her life. She had longed to see those faces, faces that were part of her occasional dreams. She had pleaded, prayed and vowed to meet those relations who were so close to her and yet so far... She had visualized this day in various possible ways, it was after all going to be a life altering day for her, if at all that day arrived!
The day arrived so suddenly and impulsively that she could not understand the gravity of it at that moment. Was it a moment of rejoice or sorrow? Was it going to change anything for her at all? She was told that she is now big enough to understand life and its ways. She can now see those faces and reason out her lessons of life from them!! It was a brief meeting that was like a life long journey. She saw her past and future in those eyes, she cried and laughed at the same time.
One pair of eyes were cold and opaque, another deep with emotions and miseries to tell about..She dint know what to do, where to look at and whom to trust. And just as it had started so quickly it ended was time to leave. She was glad to leave, to get back into her cocooned world of comfort where she does not have to think or bother.She never felt so small before. But she was leaving a part of her behind forever..she was sorry to leave after all...Alas! but that was the way of life, she was told and she was big enough to understand it now.