Friday, December 30, 2011

Magical Tonight!

It all began with my love for Cinderella!! when the 3 year old me wished for a diamond and emerald studded necklace and believed that one day I would be wearing that fancy gown to the ball. I never cut my hair short...I thought they would grow as long as Rapunzel. I saved pebbles in my jacket just in case I had to find my way back home like Hansel and Gretel. Fairies to Pixies, Kabuliwala to Peter Pan I thought I'll meet them all one day!!

Hogwarts made me forget everything else. I ate, slept, talked,walked, breathed, adored, worshiped nothing but Potter. Years and years I spent wishing to get an owl post, to wear the sorting hat, to swish my wand and fly away on a firebolt!! Even vampires and werewolves made me gullible and I journeyed till the North Pole in search of my Forks.

I believe in Santa and the wonders of Christmas, I glow with the Diwali lights and love to soak in the mysteries of rituals. I forever want to live in my fantasy land and never forgo it..for I believe in magic and all those happily ever afters!!

Time and again reality brings me down and I succumb to it, thinking if its otherwise?? What if there is no wonderland? what if there is no destiny? But then again a little voice negates it, transporting me back to good times and igniting a hope that tomorrow would be better, tomorrow would be magical!!

This year would be the best of happily ever afters!! Happy New Year 2012 :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A motley group decides to go on a trip.
No all of them were not friends..they were like this scattered bunch of people who had come together about two years back, slogged off their asses and in the process came to know each other.
As one of them had once rightly pointed out ( not yours truly) - "It’s a love generated by having been through something awesome, something terrible, something life altering".
So in honor of those shared times, the trip was planned. Mails dropped, phone calls made,meetings held, things sorted out, conference calls done, tickets booked and cancelled. People backed out. Left ones half-hearted and half enthusiastic proceeded.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Silent Prayer

Hope everything gets all right. Soon. Amen!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Of forts,lakes and temples

The place can make the commons feel like the lords...simply a royal & mystical trip :-)