Friday, December 30, 2011

Magical Tonight!

It all began with my love for Cinderella!! when the 3 year old me wished for a diamond and emerald studded necklace and believed that one day I would be wearing that fancy gown to the ball. I never cut my hair short...I thought they would grow as long as Rapunzel. I saved pebbles in my jacket just in case I had to find my way back home like Hansel and Gretel. Fairies to Pixies, Kabuliwala to Peter Pan I thought I'll meet them all one day!!

Hogwarts made me forget everything else. I ate, slept, talked,walked, breathed, adored, worshiped nothing but Potter. Years and years I spent wishing to get an owl post, to wear the sorting hat, to swish my wand and fly away on a firebolt!! Even vampires and werewolves made me gullible and I journeyed till the North Pole in search of my Forks.

I believe in Santa and the wonders of Christmas, I glow with the Diwali lights and love to soak in the mysteries of rituals. I forever want to live in my fantasy land and never forgo it..for I believe in magic and all those happily ever afters!!

Time and again reality brings me down and I succumb to it, thinking if its otherwise?? What if there is no wonderland? what if there is no destiny? But then again a little voice negates it, transporting me back to good times and igniting a hope that tomorrow would be better, tomorrow would be magical!!

This year would be the best of happily ever afters!! Happy New Year 2012 :)


  1. I read your horoscope... It says you love to live in a world of fantasy... :) Hence proved!

  2. haha...what abt urs?? is it any different?