Saturday, May 26, 2012

This and That

We catch-up at the mall, among the bustling crowd, squeeze between the food court line, struggle to get a booth...go through the courtesy greetings and do small talk as we hog over our tasteless food.

I want us to stroll together, hand in hand on the beach, watch the sun-set as we sip our drinks and sit in the welcoming silence.
You text me and ask how i am. I reply and politely ask how u are..implicitly indicating that I have no time to chat.

I want you to pour your heart out in long letters and I want to compose poems & sonnets in response..
We decide to meet at the coffee shop, we talk about work, common friends, hang-out places in the city and all other banal things people talk about when they meet for the first time.

I want you to ask me about my childhood,my fondest moments or even my most embarassing ones!!
I want you to know whether i prefer long drives to movies, Delhi to Bombay or monsoons to winters..
I want to ask about three most important people in your life, I want to know your favourite flavor of icecream,your favourite movie..whether you prefer football to cricket, tees to shirts, Metallica to Linking Park..I want to know your topmost dreams as well as your darkest fears..
We bring our friends and party in the most happening lounge bar..we pretend to let it all out and for those few hours become the best pals in the world!!

I want us to snuggle in the living room and watch Notting Hill while munching cookies.
I want us to bicker and argue about will order my favorite pizza while sulking about the chinese you so wished to have.. 
We skype after four months and comment on what each of us is wearing...we talk for sometime until we get impatient with net speed and switch back to phone call.

I want to exactly know the number of freakles on your nose. You should know that I have three grey hair on my head..
We want to know each other well...

We are just we...


  1. Well writ Aastha :) your grey hair is news to me!

    1. thanks dear:) i dont have any grey hair..just plenty of grey cells :P

  2. who's this and who's that!! :) btw nice work!

  3. this is what is there and that is what it should be!! thank u dear :)

  4. I love the way this is written. And of course, what is written :)

    Great work!