Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some listings!

Unfortunately my exchange term has come to an end and I have not been able to write anything about the months spend in Norway. I had all the words formed up in my mind i just could not type them out:-( But now almost a month after coming back,albit I am sad that I could not spend more time there, I can happily say that Norway was one of the most beautiful part of my life. I miss the cold, I miss the clean streets, I miss the bus no 37 , I miss the river behind my house,I miss my supercool college building,I miss the strangers I met everyday,I miss getting yogurt from ICA/Kiwi and coffee at amigo,I miss being alone, I miss the stupid conversations I had with people I barely knew...I miss Oslo !!

I donno what to say when people ask whether going to Norway was the right decision...or did I learn something out of it..I am never good at yes/no questions!!
I could not make the most out of the four months...there were many things I wished to see or do but could not...but there were others that i managed to do:

I survived(yeah thats the biggest one !!)
I bought snow boots(a big deal for me)
I saw Opera ( in the most exquisite Opera house)
I learned to ski(although could not master it)
I went to Rome and Venice(another dream come true)
I learned to cook(the hard way!)
I made some wonderful friends(and many acquintences)
I collected postcards(yay!)
I spend some quality time with my parents(huh..over skype)
I watched FRIENDS all over again(and missed my own much more!!)
I felt respect and pride for my country even more(and mutual understanding for fellow Asians)
I came closer to identifying myself :)

some more and I am glad I went to Norway and hope to go there sometime again for my unfulfilled dreams!! amen !!


  1. Good to see that eveything went well for you there. But most of us are really interested in what you brought for us from Norway?? :p

    Really like your blog Aastha. Keep blogging :)

  2. :)
    m so happy for u aastha :) :)

  3. unfulfilled dreams? or to get ur coat pulled out eh ? ;)

    Naiss :)

  4. @ sunny - hehe sure !! i wont disappoint u guys..thanks :)

    @pallo - :) thanks dear !!

    @ ninja - to get the coat 'taken ' :D