Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the first of firsts

Ha so began my journey! Loaded with extra layers of sweaters, extra baggage full of snacks(i was afraid i will starve to death!!) and a fur coat i could not fit into...i finally managed to board my delayed flight. Reached the transit destination - Zurich only to find that i have missed my connecting flight! Huh...another small hurdle...even the breathtaking locations of switzerland cant cheer you up if you have to while away the entire day on an airport terminal. Well i finally landed in Oslo at the end of the day(and helped by a friendly norwegian couple) ..i got into the shuttle train..as the train began to speed away i got my first view of snow :) and then it hit me for the first time- i have reached my wonderland! my dream has come true!! Somehow dragging and dropping myself and my luggage..i reached the central station(fire alarm was up there) to meet my pick up buddy. Together we reached the bus stand and i felt the much awaited COLD ( the sensation that you get at minus 25 degrees or rather the senselessness !!). Some more drag-drop on the bus and i reached my apartment(my nest for the next few months). The first week was the most difficult time of all! My room temperature dropped by 10 degrees, I lost my phone and all my contacts, I survived the extreme torturous cold. The few things that kept me going were the support from the Norwegian family friends(thank you Per and Brita) and the glittering snow(i dared not touch it but loved it).

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